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Apartamento en Miami para vender

Apartamento Miami

Descripción del inmueble:

Charming apartment in Miami, the bustling city in America’s Sunshine State, with its numerous entertainment venues and beautiful sandy beaches.

The apartment on the first floor of a modern building has about 58 m² and is the perfect residence for a single person or for couples.

The property comes with an elegant kitchen, a living room, one bedroom and a bathroom. All rooms offer a luxurious atmosphere and maximum comfort.

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Lugar & alrededores:

Miami is a city on the Miami River in the U.S. state of Florida with approx. 390,000 inhabitants. The town got its name from the Indian word Mayaimi (big water).

The climate of Miami, with its hot, humid summers and dry but warm winters is a typical tropical monsoon climate. Despite that, Miami also has cold fronts between late October and March. During a typical summer the maximum temperatures are at least at 24 ° C and a maximum of between 30 and 35 ° C. In Miami there is high humidity.

There is a wide range of various city parks, several sports facilities as well as camping possibilities. Due to its proximity to the beach all beach and water sports are possible. The largest park is the Miami-Central Park. Every year, the Tennis Masters tournament is held in Miami.

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58 m²







€ 231.559,-